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About L.B. Stimson

L.B.'s classic storytelling sets a new stage for modern Gothic Horror.


Her ghostly and gothic horror stories are infused with atmospheric settings, a few slow burns, and plenty of ghosts. 

Drawing on her own paranormal experiences and love of history, she strives to create authentic stories that follow heroic, endearing, and broken characters.

L.B. is active on Facebook where she supports the Indie Author Community through her Monday author news posts and The Gothic Bookshelf. She also co-hosts Possessed: Timeless Gothic Reads with Southern Gothic Author Carrie Dalby. The group is dedicated to discussing Gothic genre books and more.


What readers are saying...

All of her books are available in Audible and Kindle Unlimited. Signed paperbacks are available. Please email with requests.

Stand Alone Gothic Horror Ghost Stories

As the Moon Fell Down

The Farmhouse at Peace & Plenty

Gaston Hall

My Books
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The Haunting of Noyo Bay


A Pale Shade of Winter

Book 1


Book 1 • The Redwood Trilogy

Reclamare • Book 2 • The Redwood Trilogy

My Books

Stimson's writing style is poetic and beautifully descriptive, creating a vivid world that is both haunting and enchanting.

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