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Coming Soon From Wild Dirge Books


I'm excited to have a number of projects in progress. Each of these will be published through my Wild Dirge Books imprint. Check back here often for updates. If you have questions about any of the works in progress, contact me via email:


The Lincoln House

The Lincoln House, nearly 150 years old, was patient, quiet, and waiting–waiting for the return of its final maiden.

Withered: Book 2 A Pale Shade of Winter Saga

The final book in the Pale Shade of Winter Saga. The ghosts of the past still linger as Albert Preston's grown children return home to find the secrets of the past have yet to be laid to rest.

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Return to Redwood
Book 3, The Redwood Trilogy

The final book in The Redwood Trilogy.

Who will survive the return to Redwood?

What Shall Remain 
The Untold Story of Mary Dunbar Williams - The South's Forgotten Heroine

Based on L.B. Stimson's extensive research into the Philip Williams family and inspired by her paranormal research and experiences inside the Williams family home. 


What Shall Remain is a historical fiction book that tells the story of the family's matriarch. A woman who triumphed through the horrors of war to create a lasting legacy still honored today.

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