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Additional Works

I'm pleased to have my writing featured alongside other Indie authors within the horror writing community. I've also collaborated with professional narrator, Jennifer March for the Audible editions of my books.

Jennifer March

Jennifer been an audiobook narrator since 2019. Before that, her passion for literature was expressed through Petaluma Readers Theatre and her local radio show, Not Your Mother's Storytime. The radio show became a podcast with thousands of listeners who appreciate classic short stories. Finding her way into audiobook narrating was a natural next step.

She studied Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University, but her passion lies in reading stories aloud. She views storytelling as an essential and ancient part of society and civilization. Every culture has its stories and the tellers. She is honored to be one of them and to carry on this tradition.

When not in the booth, She enjoy being lakeside in the mountains, traveling to new places with her husband, caring for her chickens and her special needs adult son, or hanging out with her “coven.” She also enjoys puzzles, knitting, and old movies. She lives in Sonoma County, California Wine Country, and yes, she is a wine snob.

Contact her @

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Monster Fight at the O.K. Corral

Welcome to the Great Western Strange!


Are you into cryptids and chaos, monsters and mayhem? Do you like your westerns wild and your barroom brawls filled with vampires, zombies, and werewolves? Then you’ll want to wrangle yourself a copy of this new western horror anthology, Monster Fight at the O.K. Corral (both volumes!). Edited by Lyndon Perry, this series was created for and backed by fans of the odd, the strange, and the eerie outdoors.


Monster Fight at the O.K. Corral (Volume 2) features 15 Stories of the Weird & Wild West by David Powell, Shawn Phelps, Aaron C. Smith, John M. Floyd, Jonah Buck, Tim Hanlon, Gregory Nicoll, Henry Herz, Gustavo Bondoni, Trevor Denning, Stoney M. Setzer, Su Haddrell, Marc Sorondo, Jason M Waltz, L. B. Stimson and B. L. Blankenship, with cover design by B. L. Blankenship. Look for Volume 1 as well!


Look Away Dixie Land

Thirteen dark, cruel, and exceedingly violent macabre tales of terror lie inside the pages of the anthology "Look Away Dixie Land: a collection of Western Horror stories." Following East Tennessee author - B. L. Blankenship's Civil War era Western Horror dual novel "God Walks The Dark Hills: Book I&II", it is set within the same time and tone. Each story both acts independently and complementary towards the God Walks The Dark Hills Series.

Additionally, Southern Gothic novelist L. B. Stimson co-wrote the short story Amaranthine Rhapsody. While they're all historical fiction, these stories fall all across the horror sub-genres including, existential, paranormal, psychological, gothic horror, and so forth (depending on the story).


B. L. Blankenship is a Western Horror / Splatterpunk Author. He has a long reputation as an acclaimed scholar within the fields of history, demonology, theology, and culture. 

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